Welcome to Digitial Rabbit! My name is Bunny Laden. I’ve always wanted to travel to the Moon. When I realized that would not become a reality in my lifetime, I decided to explore the only planet I’ll ever set foot on—the Earth. There is a lot to see! I can’t think of a better planet to live on. 

Cultural encounters, scenic beauty, wildlife, and the unexpected are what compel me to set out on a journey. Through travel, I learn about the world and my place in it. I hope you enjoy my stories. Email me if you have stories to share or want to know more about any of the places to which I’ve traveled: digitalrabbit at mac dot com.

Most of my recent blog entries are about travel, although I occasionally stray to other topics. When I first started the website, I wrote exclusively about water and sanitation issues in the world. I completed a "365 day" project by writing on these topics everyday for a year. To read them, choose the water or sanitation categories. 

This year I joined the Photographic Society of America with the goal of improving my photography skills. Check out my photo galleries!

Twitter: @BunnyLaden

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