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  • Requiem for a Toenail

    The preparation for a long run always starts the day before by keeping hydrated and having a substantive evening meal. This time my preparations also included performing a toenailectomy. The nail started to lift during the week. It was so high that I was pretty sure it would be quite uncomfortable over the course of 18 miles. Now that the nail is gone, I won't be able to camouflage that toe with nail polish. It will be a few months until the new nail takes shape.

    When I arose at 5:00 AM, I wasn't sure whether I'd do another 16 miler or try for 18 miles. Two weeks ago running 16 miles turned out to be tough. I thought I might just try to do better on 16 again, and save 18 miles for next week. During the course of today's run, I changed my mind at least 4 times, depending on how I was feeling. In the end, I toughed it out and finished 18 miles. I had to walk some of them, but I covered the distance. It's distance that's important.

    I had some tough times on this run, so I thought I'd focus on the positives:

    • The weather was perfect—48 degrees at the start and 72 at the end.
    • After I'd run almost half a marathon's distance, I ran into two smiling friends—Padraig and Janice. Janice ran with me for half a mile.
    • Tri-berry GU tastes amazing.
    • The wasp that stung my forehead at mile 16 didn't kill me. Despite the pain, I managed to propel myself forward for 2 more miles.
    • I finished 18 miles upright and without puking.

    I am training for a marathon to raise money for LUNGevity. Please consider donating to the cause!