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  • A Half Marathon is Just a Training Run

    Four months ago it was difficult to imagine that I'd say that. But yesterday's training run of 14 miles was longer than a half marathon and I made it! The long runs are feeling much better than that first 10 mile run (See Running 10 Miles Alone.) It may have to do with my weekly run at Rancho San Antonio. That course is about 7.5 miles and quite hilly. My long training runs are essentially flat.

    When I woke up at 5:30 AM, the temperature was already 72 degrees and sunny—not a very runnable temperature for me. I could see from my back porch that the valley was covered with clouds, an indication of an inversion. When I arrived at the Los Gatos trail, the starting temperature was 54 degrees and cloudy. I slapped on the sunglasses in anticipation of the clouds breaking and set out running.

    My grand plan was to run 5 miles from Los Gatos to Campbell, then 5 miles back. Then I was going to tack on 4+ miles by running to the top of Lexington Dam and back to Los Gatos. When I got to the start of the dam trail, I found it was closed due to pipeline work. So I headed back up the LG trail 1.5 miles, then back down, and then ran 4 laps at the LG high school track. A very screwy route, as you can see.

    I realized during the course of the run that my right toes were banging against the inside of my shoes. The shoes are already one and a half sizes larger than my street shoe size. The summer heat and the distance must really be making my feet swell up. It's time to move up to a larger size! I already lost one toenail and another one is on its way off. I really don't want to lose any more. I've been using blue toenail polish to mask the damage.

    The sun broke through the clouds after I completed 10 miles, so I had to run the last 4 miles in the sun. Only the last mile felt very hot, and that's probably due to the heat coming off the track. As I ran around the track, I thought of the table of fresh fruit that San Jose Fit had ready as an end-of-the-run treat. Orange slices and strawberries never tasted so good!

    Favorite new songs added to my running playlist:

    • In Your Eyes, Peter Gabriel
    • Clocks, Coldplay
    • My Immortal, Evanescence

    I am running this marathon to raise money for LUNGevity. Please consider donating to the cause!