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  • Give This Iceberg a Name!

    In this satellite image released by Commonwealth of Australia, a 97-kilometer (60 mile) long iceberg known as B9B, right, crashes into the Mertz Glacier Tongue, left, in the Australian Antarctic Territory on Feb. 20, 2010. The collision created a new 78-kilometer (48 mile) long iceberg.

    Two icebergs are now drifting off Antarctica's coast. One of them is 23 years old and is named B9B. The other just came into existence because B9B smacked into the Mertz Glacier and broke off a chunk. Any ideas for names of this second iceberg? We can't let this chunk of ice have as dull a name as its companion B9B?

    B9B is 97 kilometers long, which puts it at the size of the country of Luxembourg. Hop on it, declare yourself the ice king or queen, and you can stand ruler over any penguins and seals that jump on.

    This second iceberg (Ms. Newberg, perhaps?) is 78 kilometers long. How big is that? It holds about a fifth of the water usage of the world!

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