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  • Stop Japan From Killing Week: "It is a bloodbath"

    "It is a bloodbath, cruel and barbaric. Each year, the idyllic and peaceful setting of the village of Taiji in southern Japan is shattered by almost unspeakable cruelty as indreible pain and ultimate death is inflicted on defenseless dolphins." Paul Watson, president and founder, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

    What can you do?

    Follow these suggestions from Sea Shepherd and then visit their website for more suggestions and information:

    In order to spread the news about what is happening in Japan, we need to get media coverage from your local media (TV, NEWSPAPERS AND RADIO):
    • Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers
    • Call TV and radio stations to ask them to cover this important news
    • Refer your local broadcast and cable TV stations to Sea Shepherd to get a free copy of our Susan Sarandon "Save the Dolphins" Public Service Announcement (PSA)
    • You can offer the Sea Shepherd telephone number 360-370-5650, so the media can contact us for interviews with Sea Shepherd president and founder, Captain Paul Watson.