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  • Stop Japan From Killing Week: Don't Swim With Dolphins

    One of the incentives for the Japanese slaughter of dolphins is that some of the dolphins they catch can be sold for as much as $100,000 to "Swim With Dolphins" attractions.

    Read the World Society for the Protection of Animals excellent article "What's Wrong With Swimming WIth Dolphins?"

    Here's one excerpt from that article:

    "Perhaps the most damaging aspect of the SWTD industry is the misconception it perpetuates among the general public. SWTD programs present themselves as "educational" and "eco-friendly". They market themselves to people who love dolphins, care about conservation and are looking for a tangible way to express this interest. What SWTD participants don't realize is that by patronizing these programs, they are not only contributing to this expanding, profit-driven industry, but they are ensuring that dolphins will continue to be captured from the wild and suffer in captivity."

    Make no mistake . . . swim with dolphin programs are about making money. A single dolphin can bring in millions a year; it's an industry worth over a billion dollars. You might be thinking that not every dolphin comes from Japan and is part of the slaughter machine.

    What about dolphins born in captivity?

    The Cove website provides a great answer to this question:

    "It is the same question slave owners asked about children born into slavery."