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  • Stop Japan From Killing Week: Thou Shalt Not Kill Unless It's Fast

    The Cove documentary (see Stop Japan From Killing: Motivation) has one interview in it where an official claims that dolphins are slaughtered humanely, meaning quickly by severing the spine. The footage in the documentary seems to indicate otherwise. My question: Can there be humane killing? So it's okay to kill if you are quick, but not if you are slow?

    A brutal massacre that goes on from October through April is simply not humane. They slit the throats and harpoon bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, pilot whales, false killer whales, spotted dolphins, and Risso's dolphins. Why? Tradition. A tradition the Japanese claim to be proud of. Doesn't seem like anything to be proud of.

    This Keep Out Danger sign was put up to keep prying eyes from see the killing cove in Japan. Photo courtesy of The Cove.

    What can you do? Follow these suggestions from Save the Dolphins:

    1. Write the Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda, and tell him you will not purchase any Japanese products or visit Japan until they stop killing and capturing dolphins and whales or "Click Here to compose and send your message" directly to the Japanese Prime minister Yasuo Fukuda.

    2. Do not participate in any captive swim-with dolphin programs.

    3. Do not support or visit any marine park, zoo, or amusement park that has captive dolphins and whales.

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