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  • Stop Japan From Killing Week: Children & Mercury

    Dolphin meat is incredibly high in mercury—toxic levels high. Knowing this, the fishermen shown in The Cove (see yesterday's post) convinced the local school to serve dolphin for the school lunches. The kids have to eat the lunch; they can't bring their own. These fishermen not only don't care about the dolphins but they also don't care about the kids getting dosed with Mercury. They do care about making money. (Photo courtesy of The Cove.)

    You'd think the fishermen would have learned about the dangers of mercury, given Japan's history with Minamata disease (the result of mercury poisoning). That disaster took the Japanese government 12 years to recognize. In the meantime thousands of people were affected.

    Note: Two courageous members of the school board protested serving the dolphin meat out of concern for the children. Since the release of the film, the school stopped serving dolphin.

    See The Japanese Government is Poisoning its Own Citizens.

    What can you do?

    Follow these suggestions from Take Part:

    1. Send a letter to our leaders, urging them to address this issue
    2. Share the petition with your friends, especially those living in Japan
    3. Expose the secret in Taiji by posting the "Secret is Out" widget on your own blog, MySpace or Facebook page
    4. Text DOLPHIN to 44144, and sign the letter straight from your phone
    5. Join the Facebook Cause and share the petition with your friends online