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  • The Boys of Terezin Need Your Help

    The Boys of Terezin is a documentary file project that chronicles the lives of a group of young boys (aged 12 to 15) who published a magazine—Vedem (We Lead). What's extraordinary is that they undertook this activity while imprisoned by the Nazis in the Terezin concentration camp during World War II. The boys wrote, edited, and illustrated more than 800 pages worth of content, all in secret.

    Most of the boys were killed by the Nazis. A few survived. One of the boys hid the manuscript. Some of it survives today. After all these years, several of the surviving boys are still alive, and very old.

    Music of Remembrance commissioned John Sharify to produce and direct a documentary about Vedem and the boys interned at Terezin. The film features interviews with the six remaining survivors – now spread across four continents. Mr. Sharify is the winner of several Edward R. Murrow and Emmy Awards. Although the documentary is in progress, it needs much more funding to finish.

    This is your chance to be a filmmaker! Any donation—from small to enormous—is needed. If you are able to give a lot of money, you'll get your name on the film as one of its sponsors. If you give a little money, you'll be able to take pride in the fact that you helped bring this story to light. Music of Remembrance intends to have a premiere of the film in Seattle, to show it on public TV, and to enter the documentary in film festivals.

    John Sharify is a class act; he'll do justice to this story. Music of Remembrance has over a decade of experience of producing musical concerts, CDs, and commissioning new works. MOR's mission is to preserve the musical legacy of Holocaust musicians. MOR has a stellar track record in getting things done.

    For more information, contact Music of Remembrance at (206) 365-7770 or donate online.

    A Poem from Vedem

    We are all children, little ones
    Playing with a colored ball.
    We cry easily with ruddy cheeks
    And then, with glowing faces
    We look at a silvery world,
    At green hillsides,
    At life. We look ahead.
    –Hanus Hachenburg (b. 1929, perished Auschwitz)