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  • A Poem: Water Becoming

    Water Becoming
    By Beth Benjamin

    Water is only change
    Still depth in a mountain pool, now a tumble of light and movement
    Slips over the granite edge
    Crashing downward, blown sideways, making its own weather

    Water becoming music
    A spring seeps from a canyon wall
    To lilt and trickle and giggle down a hillside
    Finding stillness again

    Water becoming lupine
    Begins as February rain and mist
    Emerging again as amethyst and lapis
    Brilliant flower mouths sing praise of spring and sky

    Water becoming magic
    California deserts laugh in colors
    Seeds are born from centuries of silence
    And replenish their supply

    The Friends of Locally Owned Water in Felton, California started a poetry contest to recognize the importance of water in their community. This is one of the winning poems.