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  • Mulande Says Thank You!

    Mulande , a Kenyan boy, rises before dawn to fetch water for his family before walking to school. He leaves school at noon to fetch more water. The water he hauls back across a dry, rocky trail may make him sick, but it's better than dying of thirst.

    Blue Planet Run's year-end campaign is helping children like Mulande around the world will receive safe drinking water for life.  Mulande and the other children in his village will be able to go back to school full time, avoid waterborne diseases that can kill them…and have the chance to be children with a lifetime of possibilities in front of them.?

    For only $30, you can give Mulande a lifetime of safe drinking water.

    Please donate today, make a gift on behalf of family, friends and colleagues, and help us spread the word.  Through December 31st, all donations to Blue Planet Run will be matched 100% up to $15,000.