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  • Enjoy These Poems: Stillness, Water is Blue, Water Otter

    By Mariah Miles

    A slender water drop,
    Falls into the puddle of silence.
    Returning to the background,
    A girl splashes around.

    Another drop falls from the weeping tree,
    As tear drops just like you and me,
    You wouldn't think, something could be so delicate
    That no one could see beyond the form it has taken;
    But water is a clear beauty, even a tree can see.

    A slender water drop falls.

    Water is Blue

    By Jeremy Yanowitz

    Water is blue
    Swimming is fun,
    Belly-flops hurt,
    So stay alert!

    Water Otter
    By Steve Hinze

    An otter went out in the water,
    Many things would have liked to have caught her,
    from a wave that was foamy,
    She spied abalone,
    So she picked one off for her daughter

    The Friends of Locally Owned Water in Felton, California started a poetry contest to recognize the importance of water in their community. These are a few of the winning poems.