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  • Is Bottled Water Green?

    No, bottled water is not green. Yet the marketeers of bottled water companies are working hard to convince you that drinking it actually helps the environment. Save your money and don't fall for it.

    Green Planet is one of the more recent bottled water vendors on the market. I'll analyze the hype on the bottle:

    Green Planet: The environmentally friendly bottle.
    Digital Rabbit: It burns great because it was made from plants, not oil. They still have to use up energy to fabricate the bottle, make the inks, and so on. The most environmentally friendly container is a reusable one, like a glass.

    Green Planet: Quench your thirst and your desire to help the environment.
    Digital Rabbit: You can just as easily quench your thirst by turning on your own tap. Then take the money your were going to spend on the bottled water and donate it to a true environmental cause.

    Green Planet: Pure Handcrafted Water.
    Digital Rabbit: What does that mean? Did someone take hydrogen and mix it with oxygen? I think not. This is pure B.S. I described my water system a few days ago. There is nothing to "handcrafted water." Turn on the pump, extract the water from the ground. It probably doesn't even need treatment.

    Green Planet: By choosing our water you're helping reduce global warming, carbon emissions and our dependency on oil.
    Digital Rabbit: Pure B.S. You are actually contributing to global climate change and increasing dependency on oil. The bottle takes energy to manufacture. The bottled water takes gasoline to transport. (Water is heavy, too.) Manufacturing and transportation emit carbon.

    My advice. Drink tap water.