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  • Can't Find a Gift to Give? Why Not Give a Sh*t!

    The goal of the ‘Give a Sh*t’ (GAS) campaign is to tackle the taboo of the toilet. They want you to talk about poop! I know that seems odd, as most of us prefer not to talk about toilet issues. We avoid the subject. GAS says we must talk sanitation because "so many people die when we let our embarrassment get in the way. There are 2.5 billion people, to be precise, across the world who are living without a toilet!"

    One of the things you can do to raise awareness of sanitation issues is to buy Luke Barclay's book "A Loo with a View" and give it to people on your gift list. If they look bewildered when they receive this book of outstanding photos, you can take the opportunity to alert them to the dire state of sanitation in the world. Advise your gift recipient to visit the World Toilet Organization website and gift a toilet.