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  • Pretty Pictures and Alarming Facts Make Great Gifts at a Bargain Price!

    The avid readers on your holiday gift list are sure to be impressed by the book Blue Planet Run: The Race to Provide Safe Drinking Water to the World. Some time ago, I provided a link to the PDF version of this book which you can get for free. But the print version is far more impressive. Amazon recently repriced it so the book it practically free. It is only $14.04 USD, down from $45.00. Your friends will think you spent far more than you did.

    To convince you how great this book is, read this excerpt from an Amazon reviewer:

    "Awesome, simply awesome. Not only do you learn about "water," its' characteristics and challenges to people all over the world, some one billion having little access to clean water, but the photography is magnificent. The scenes are realistic, yet compassionate and communicate deeply. The people shots become you, me.... Buy this book, you'll learn from it, delight in the photographs, you'll find sadness, joy, hope in it. And, you'll be inspired to action."

    Don't waste anytime. Snatch up this bargain book now!

    Then visit the Blue Planet Run website.