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  • Lifesaver Bottles: A 2-for-1 Holiday Gift Idea

    Do you have an avid hiker or military person on your gift list? Someone who spends time in the wilds and usually carries water with them? The consider the LIFESAVER "Buy one, gift one" program. Your gift recipient will not only receive a fine gift, but will be super-impressed that you also gifted a Lifesaver bottle to someone around the world who doesn't have access to safe drinking water.

    The bottle is equipped with filtration membranes and an activated carbon filer that removes bacteria, viruses, cysts, parasites, fungi, and all other waterborne nasty bugs. No iodine or chlorine! You fill the bottom with water from any source, including scavenged water. Then drink out of the bottle. It's clean water!

    Your hiking friends won't have to carry water. Just the bottle. Your military friends will be able to drink scavenged water if they get into a dire situation. And your gift bottle will go to the Typhoon Ketsana Aid appeal.