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  • Drink Up and Pollute the Air

    Bottled water companies like to claim how environmentally responsible they are by using recyclable bottles, using thinner plastic, reclaiming water used in processing, and so on.  So think about the following the next time your are compelled to purchase bottled water:

    After Nestle rolled into McCloud, California to extract water (they have a 100 year contract), 250-300 trucks per day started rolling into town 24/7/ all year)McCloud has noise and air pollution now that they never had before. When you drink bottled water, think of McCloud. If the water in the bottle isn't coming from McCloud, it's coming from some other small town's aquifer—like Chaffee County, Colorado or Fryeburg, Maine or Mecosta County, Michigan.

    Why don't you just buy a water bottle, fill it with water from your own tap, and carry that bottle with you? Then you can drink up and know that you are not causing grief for some small town.

    See: Stop Nestle's Waters.