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  • Hawa's Story: Collecting Water in Malawi

    From Water Aid:

    Eighteen year old Hawa Salimua is newly married. She lives in Mzalule, Malawi where a WaterAid well was installed in 2001. (Photo courtesy of WaterAid / Jon Spaull.)

    "I collect water from the handpump three times a day, in the morning, afternoon, and late afternoon," she says. "I use the water to wash my clothes, bathe, cook and clean. The water is much sweeter than it used to be when it was an open well. It was dirty then, but now it's clean."

    "We used to have a bucket on a string that we pulled up from the well and debris used to fall in which caused people to have terrible stomach pains. I was always getting diarrhoea with extremely painful stomachache and sometimes I remember seeing blood in my faeces. Now those stomach pains have vanished and it feels so hygienic to be drinking this water. I feel that my children will be born into a much better future because of this clean water."