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  • Watergeeks: Canadian Company Takes on the Bottled Water Industry

    Watergeeks is a business that sells water bottles, water filters, and other products aimed at helping alleviate the global water crisis. Their main products are personal water bottles. Their mission is to eliminate the waste of bottles used for bottled water. Many people think that because bottled water bottles are recyclable, that the bottles actually get recycled. But of the 10 billion bottles of water sold each year, only 10% are recycled. The other 9 billion bottles end up in landfills. Watch this video to get an idea of how many bottles that is. Then, get yourself a personal water bottle, fill it with tap water, and stop buying bottled water. Watergeeks isn't the only place that sells good personal water bottles, but they do have an interesting website with lots of facts about water, the world water crisis, contamination, and more.