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  • Who Needs the Academy When you Have the Golden Poo Awards?

    The Golden Poo Awards in London are held on October 15 to celebrate Global Handwashing Day. PooP Creative and the London International Animation Festival (LIAF) jointly promote a competition amongst film animators to produce short films, which tackle the serious issue of sanitation and / or hygiene in an edgy, irreverent and humorous way. These films are shortlisted for the event:

    • A Film About Poo - Emily Howells & Anne Wilkins
    • Dancing in the Loo - Delphine Mandin
    • For Your Convenience - Dan Castro
    • Poo In Passing - Peter J Speed
    • Are You Spreading Poo? - Rob and Tom Sears
    • Why Wash - Staffordshire University

    Who will win? We all win if you wash your hands!

    "Handwashing with soap is among the most effective and inexpensive ways
    to prevent diarrhoeal diseases and pneumonia, which are together responsible
    for the deaths, of over 3.5m children before their 5th birthday, every year."

    "Although people around the world wash their hands with water, very few wash
    their hands with soap at critical moments eg after going to the toilet, cleaning a
    child or before handling or eating food. The challenge is to transform handwashing
    with soap from an abstract good idea into an automatic behaviour performed in
    homes, schools, workplaces and communities worldwide."

    "This would save more lives than any vaccine or medical intervention. Global
    Handwashing Day
    is the centrepiece of a week of activities that will mobilise
    millions of people across five continents to wash their hands with soap."