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  • Kevin's Kayak Sank

    Kevin Lily, Danielle Katz, and Brian Coggan, left Bimidji, MN on July 20, 2007 on an endurance journey to call attention to the world’s global water crisis and raise money to help solve it. They planned to end their journey in New Orleans in time for the 11th Annual Voodoo Music Experience. Like many adventurers, the three kayakers are discovering that their adventure is not following the plan. They arrived in Memphis, TN on Sunday, 70 miles behind schedule.

    I've been following them on Twitter (@whataboutblue). Things seemed to go badly starting on October 6, when Kevin's kayak sank in New Madrid, Missouri. Fortunately he managed to salvage it. Lots of rain there, coast guard warnings, and on top of that, Kevin almost got hit by lightning. The three made it to civilization in Memphis, but the weather prediction for the week is for lots of rain—thunderstorms most of the week.

    Driving, the last leg of their journey—Memphis to New Orleans—is 395 miles. By river it must be much longer. ( The Mississippi snakes its way southwest from Memphis, meanders to Baton Rouge, and then heads south east to New Orleans. )

    Let's hope the What About Blue paddlers can stay ahead of the bad weather and make up a few miles! Help lift the team's spirits by donating to their cause.