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  • Water Stars See Shooting Stars

    Kevin Lily, Danielle Katz, and Brian Coggan, left Bimidji, MN on July 20, 2007 on an endurance journey whose purpose is to call attention to the world's global water crisis. One of their stops this week Fort Madison Iowa. Kevin tweeted from camp:

    "FT Madison, IA: have a campfire on an island on the Mississippi River. Saw 4 shooting stars. Time for bed."

    Kevin Jones, a new kayaker, heard about WhatAboutBlue and tracked them down in Muscatine Iowa. Kevin was so impressed by the project that he paddles a few days with the group to show his support.

    Donate to their cause. The money they raise goes to local, national, and internatoinal chrities working to end the Global Water Crisis, including conservation, preservation, and purification projects.

    Track their location.