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  • Health Care for Rural Ecuador: Dr. David Gaus

    We in the USA have be debating for decades whether to provide affordable health care to everyone. Really, it has been decades. Lots of talk, no action, and our poorest citizens are still without health care.

    During this time, David Gaus visited Quito, Ecuador and had a life changing experience that caused him to go to Tulane Meidal School . He returned to Ecuador after becoming a physician to dedicate his life to getting healthcare for the poor and rural people of Ecuador.

    Dr. Gaus started Andean Health with a goal of creating a self-sustaining health care facility.

    "Quality, Sustainable Healthcare for the World's Poor."

    Watch this video to learn where his services are and a little bit about the communities he serves.

    Over the next few weeks I'll feature stories of his patients. Most of them never had any hope of getting healthcare locally. Their stories are touching.

    Find out more about Dr. David Gaus and Andean Health