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  • Damn Good Jerky

    Have you ever backpacked? Hiked more than 10 miles at a time? Kayaked all day long? There is something about heavy physical activity that makes food taste great. After one week-long backpack that I did, I ate Grandma's frosted animal cookies and washed them down with a cold beer. At the time, I swore this was the best meal ever!

    The WhatAboutBlue kayakers—Kevin, Danielle, and Brian—are mid-way through their journey from Minnesota to New Orleans. They are using lots of energy each day paddling. They shot this video to extoll the virtues of Damn Good Jerky (which is made by Damn Good Foods in Stillwater, NY). Is the jerky really that good? Or is it because these kayakers are ravenous and delusional? You'll never know until you try it yourself!

    The kayakers like the jerky so much that they are seeking sponsorship from this company. If you like beef jerky, check out the jerky from Damn Good Foods. Encourage the company to help the WhatAboutBlue kayakers.