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  • 3 Krazy Kayakers: Kevin, Katz, & Coggan

    Would you kayak 2,500 miles for $25? I bet not. Yet Kevin Lily, Danielle Katz, and Brian Coggan are asking people to give them $25 to do just that. This is week six of their journey from Bimidji, MN to New Orleans.

    They've endured cold, rain, bugs, sun, and long days of paddling. They are getting an up-close look at the Mississippi River. They see the beautiful parts and also the parts that are marred by trash. Whenever possible, they pick up trash from the water —stuff like discarded water bottles, plastic bags, and soda cans.

    One of their challenges is not to get burnt to a crisp on the many sunny days. Watch this video to listen to Danielle explain what they wear, including "melanoma mittens."

    They could really use your help. Consider donating them $25.

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