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  • What's it like to be a 14 year old in Nepal?

    Fourteen year old Devi Kumari lives in Satu Pasal, Nepal with her family. The women of the village worked with WaterAid's partner NEWAH to build a water supply close to their homes while the village men were fighting with the army. Before they had their safe water supply they used to have to collect water from a dirty river at the bottom of the hill. When the men returned they were so inspired by the women's work that they decided to build a path from the village to the new water point. (Photo courtesy WaterAid / Caroline Penn.)

    Devi's grandmother Devaka Kahtri explains the difference that water has brought to her family's life.

    "We used to get water from the stream, it was very dirty. The children would get sick with diarrhoea at least once a month. Now that hardly ever happens. A neighbours son died four years ago from diarrhoea and it is still happening in villages further up the hill where they don't have safe water."

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