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  • Week 2: Where are Kevin and his friends?

    Kevin Lily, Danielle Katz, and Brian Coggan, left Bimidji, MN on July 20, 2007. (LINK) on an endurance journey whose purpose is to call attention to the world's global water crisis. Their GPS tracker shows that yesterday they were just past Palisades, Michigan and heading towards Hassman. Yup. They are in the middle of nowhere!

    The Bimidji Pioneer newspaper featured him in an article last week "What if Forrest Gump had Facebook?" and revealed that Kevin was neither a kayaker nor a camper until recently. WOW! And he's kayaking in mosquito country! That shows how dedicated Kevin and his friends are to raising money!

    As of this morning, Kevin has not updated his blog since July 29. Let's hope the mosquitoes have not eaten him alive!!!!

    Donate to their cause. The money they raise goes to local, national, and internatoinal charities working to alleviate the Global Water Crisis, including conservation, preservation, and purification projects.

    Read Kevin's blog.

    Track the WhatAboutBlue team.