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  • Bottle Your Own Water: Save Money and Help Local Communities

    Buy a water bottle. Stick it under the faucet in your kitchen. Turn on the tap. It's that simple. You've just saved money and helped local communities. This bottle is from Save Our Water.

    When you buy bottled water, you are literally taking water from someone else's watershed. You are damaging those local communities and ecosystems. You are putting plastic into landfills. What's more, you are being deceived. Bottle water is expensive, not necessarily filtered, and in most cases, it is just tap water from another location but with a fancy name.

    "Nestle Waters North America ... is now pumping as much as 300 million gallons per day of water from two Michigan sites for bottling."

    Water companies would not be bottling water if people refused to buy it and instead bottled their own.

    Learn more: Will Bottled Water Companies Suck the Great Lakes Dry?

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