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  • Week 1: Where are Kevin and his friends?

    Kevin Lily, Danielle Katz, and Brian Coggan, left Bimidji, MN on July 20, 2007 on an endurance journey whose purpose is to call attention to the world's global water crisis. One of their stops this week was Cass Lake.

    Cass Lake is not only a lake, but it's a chain of 8 lakes. Cass Lake is 15,596 acres. It has more then 26 miles of shoreline, and is as deep as 120 feet. I hope Kevin has a fishing pole, because this lake is packed with Walley, Perch, and Northern Pike. Interestingly it's second to Leech Lake in the number of Muskies caught annually. Leech Lake is where my brother got married a few years ago! So I know the area. Minnesota lakes are spectacular. In that part of the country it feels as if there is more water than land!

    Donate to their cause. The money they raise goes to local, national, an internatoinal chrities working to alleviate teh Global Water Crisis, including conervation, preservation, and purification projects.

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