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  • 10,000 Girls

    Four percent of the girls in Kaolack, Senegal are enrolled in high school. Fewer are certain to graduate. Dr. Viola Vaughn wants to change all that with her organization, 10,000 Girls.

    Its mission is: "To offer education and employment opportunities for 10,000 Girls in rural Senegal, enabling them to develop as self-reliant and capable women, through a self-sustaining organization run by the girls themselves."

    Dr. Vaughn did not start out with this mission. She simply moved from the USA to Senegal with her family—her husband and her 5 grandchildren. She was homeschooling her grandchildren when a girl in the community asked Viola for help to finish third grade. That small start sowed the seed for the big goal.

    Find out more about Viola Vaughn and her amazing program by watching 10,000 Girls. You can view it online. Created by Adams Sie, it's one of the entrants in the My Hero Short Film Festival.