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  • Water Hero and Peace Jammer: Samuel Wonsover

    Every year, Dr. Johnston, a Professor at Parkland College in Champaign, IL, requires his students to present a persuasive speech on a charity organization. One student, 19 year old Samuel Wonsover, is interested in all things that help the world. A few years ago, he attended the Denver Peace Jam Conference where he learned about Blue Planet Run.

    "I really dig what you guys are doing so I decided to write my speech on it. We are fortunate in America. We have access to water in incredible amounts while some people do not have access at all. I appreciate my sink, water fountain, showers, dishwasher, pool, and water. I wrote the speech to get people to think about how fortunate we are and to help Blue Planet Run." After all the speeches were delivered, Dr. Johnston’s class voted for Blue Planet Run. The class donated $302