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  • Design Challenge: Tip Tap Tips

    A Tip Tap is a low cost water "tap". It has two major parts:

    • A water container that can be tipped easily
    • A drainage area

    You can download a PDF that describes the basic design here: 

    Hy2U (Hygiene to you) promotes making beautiful water bags. If you think the basic Tip Tap design is a bit drab, it's time to get inspired! Ditch the plastic container and get out a sewing needle. Take a look at these water bag designs. Here is one from Demotech:

    The Tip Taps might be a fun project for you to try out. But in Africa and other developing countries a Tip Tap is quite practical. It helps people keep their hands clean. Clean hands are important to good health, especially in places that don't have clean water running out of a water tap like people in the USA have. That's why building Tip Taps is part of Send-a-Cow training.