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  • Appropedia: Wikipedia with a Social Conscience

    How many times have you had an argument with someone and turned to Wikipedia to find out which one of you actually had the facts correct? After 8 years of operation, the depth of information is staggering—13 million articles and over 75,000 contributors.

    Appropedia, like Wikipedia, lets anyone contribute or edit articles. Its goal is narrowly focused on collaborating to find solutions that can reduce poverty, increase sustainable living, and help people in developing countries. If you have ideas that you can contribute, consider submitting an article. If you are passionate about these topics and are a great editor, consider editing one of the many articles that are sitting in editorial limbo.

    The photo from Appropedia shows a set up that gets ethanol from organic sugar beets. The article it accompanies is an example of one of the 16,000 articles you can find in Appropedia.

    There are articles on diabetes, flooding, clean water, microfinance, innovative housing designs, sanitation, stadium light solar cookers, and more. Check it out!

    Read the Appropedia Misson & Vision statement.