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  • Water For People

    WFP uses local resources to solve water, sanitation, and hygiene issues. They work in Bolivia, Guatemala, Honduras, Malawi, and West Bengal, India. A lot of their donations come from water-related industry groups such as the American Water Works Association, National Association of Water Companies, and the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. They also get many generous donations from people like you.

    They fund projects only in communities that are committed to contributing in-kind labor and funding. For a project to be successful, the community must help plan, implement, and maintain the water and sanitation system. Ongoing maintenance and education is important. That’s why I like WTP — it puts into place processes that ensure continued success.

    Another feature of WTP projects is that women must be involved in the project. That’s because women in developing countries are usually the ones who have the burden of finding and carrying water for their families.

    They have a terrific website. Check it out.