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  • Blue Planet Run Foundation

    Blue Planet Run Foundation is kind of a strange name for a group that raises money to get safe drinking water to those in need. 

    "You ain't gonna miss your water 'til the well runs dry." ~ Bob Marley

    The "Run" part of BPRF has to do with an around-the-world running event in 2007 that kicked off Blue Planet Run Foundation. (Even Hilary Swank promoted the run.) Since then, many people undertake athletic endurance events to raise money for BPRF.

    I'm raising money for them too, but I'm not doing an athletic event. I ran five marathons in the past to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. It is quite a commitment of time and energy.

    Writing a blog is also a big time commitment, but it doesn't make me collapse face first on the bed at night in total exhaustion. Fortunately Blue Planet Run Foundation isn't just about running. HOWEVER if someone out there donates a big enough chunk of money to BPRF in my name, I just might be persuaded to do another endurance event, even if I have to crawl.