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  • Rhoda's Story

    The Litchenza Samuti and Chamasowa Project in Malawi helped 1,500 people (300 families) get drinkable water. A child in Chamasowa Village tells how the project helped her.

    "My name is Rhoda Chiputu, I am 10 years old. I come from Chamasowa Village and am in Standard 3 at Chamasowa Primary School.

    "Before the construction of the borehole here at Likoto in Chamasowa Village, we used to fetch drinking water from an unprotected well, which was very inconsistent in terms of the flow of water. People used to crowd over there, spending more time on water collection. Sometimes the well could go dry and people had to wait for the water to start flowing again. Other people resorted to drawing water from the nearby river. In addition, during rainy seasons the well used to get mixed with run-off water with a lot of turbidity, dirt and waste. The children regularly suffered from diarrhoea; which resulted in high absenteeism from school and, hence, poor performance."

    Rhoda nearly dropped out from school in 2005 as her friends used to laugh at her in class due to her poor performance. Most of the days, Rhoda could not do her home work because she had no time, as she spent most of her afternoons helping her mother fetch water.

    "Now that there is a borehole in my community, the scarce potable water has become easily accessible; the distance to the water source has been much reduced; and this rainy season I have not suffered from diarrhea. I now spend less time collecting water than before and have more time to do my homework and concentrate in school. My performance is improving."

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