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  • Diarrhea: The Unfashionable Disease

    Ever hear about the World Concert for Diarrhea? Or the Celebrity Chefs Fundraiser for Diarrhea? Diarrhea just isn't a disease that gets rallied for. It's hard to understand that diarrhea can kill you. In the USA, it is an inconvenience. In developing countries, it is a killer. Why?

    There are more than 100 microbugs that can cause diarrhea. A child who lives in village that has a bad water supply, limited water for hand washing, and no toilets, is likely to pick up one or more of these bugs at any time. These children can get one case of diarrhea after another.

    The intestines are smart. They detect a bug, they flush out the system. This smartness, however, deprives a person of fluids and nutrients. You can't go on very long without fluids and nutrients. That's why chronic diarrhea is a killer. It is one of the TOP THREE killers of children. Pneumonia and malaria are the other two.

    Recipe for curing diarrhea:

    A large pinch of salt, a fistful of sugar, and a jug of clean water.

    Sounds simple. I bet you have all those items readily available at home. People in developing countries don't. So simple, yet for lack of these three items, children are dying everyday from diarrhea.

    Want to read more? See A Simple Solution by Andrea Gerlin.

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