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  • Cholera: If it's preventable, why are people dying from it?

    "Cholera is a waterborne disease resulting from inadequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Despite efforts to keep its spread under control, cholera remains a serious disease in many parts of the world." Center for Disease Control.

    Dr. Eric Mintz says:

    "Inexcusably, the completely preventable ancient scourge of cholera rages among poverty-stricken and displaced people today, with as many as one in five persons with severe illness dying for lack of safe drinking water and sanitation and a simple therapy consisting of salt, sugar, and water. Cholera, a dreaded waterborne disease of centuries past, remains a troubling barometer — and often a fatal consequence — of inadequate access to safe drinking water and sanitation." Lion in Our Village - The Unconscionable Tragedy of Cholera in Africa

    That's right, over a century and a half ago, a physician in London discovered water transmitted cholera. In the late 1800's a Bristish civil engineer figured out a way to engineer the water system to prevent cholera. So why are we still living with the disease? It's very inexpensive to prevent. A small donation to the Blue Planet Run Foundation or Water for People will help alleviate the suffering you see in the photo. That image (credit to shows two very ill children from a cholera outbreak in India.