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  • Every Water Source Contaminated

    Startling, isn't it. But I ran across this short article about Haiti's water:

    "Nearly every water source in Haiti – rivers, streams, springs and wells – is contaminated with human waste and disease. There are no public sewage treatment or disposal systems anywhere in the country – even in the large cities. The result is a tragedy."

    See: Innovative System to Provide Clean Drinking Water to Developing Countries (The photo is from that article)

    One of the most tireless workers in Haiti is Dr. Paul Farmer whose organization Partners in Health fights disease in Haiti and other countries. A great read about Dr. Farmer's work is Mountains Beyond Mountains. Dr. Farmer points out how important living conditions—water, sanitation, and food—are to staving off disease. His story shows how one person can make a difference. Partners in Health is another extremely worthwhile group to give to. You can make a difference! A mere $100 can purify water of a household that doesn't have access to clean water