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  • The Peepoo Bag: A Mobile Toilet

    What to Do with Doggy Poo starts out "Everyone loves their dog but no one loves dog poop. These little mines are smelly, unpleasant and difficult to eliminate." Okay, but what if you and your neighbors are pooping in the street?

    That's what happens in many parts of the world where the poor don't have access to a toilet. One solution is the PeePoo bag. That's right, it's the same concept that we in the USA apply to the problem of dog poop. Except it's designed for people who don't yet have basic sanitation services.

    "The Peepoo bag is a toilet which is not fixed to a particular place. It is simple to carry since it is small and weighs less than 10 grams. The only thing one needs to do is find a secluded spot where one can use it as a toilet."

    About its effectiveness, the Peepoo people say :

    "The most obvious way to a solution is to start at the source. Prevent disease transmission as soon as possible through rapid inactivation of pathogens direct after defecation. In high density urban areas this means that a project that simply provides latrines cannot even be said to be achieving sustainable toilets. "

    Read about it yourself: Start thinking Peepoo bag. (The photo, which gives an idea of the environment many people live in, is from their site.)