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  • Moussa's Story

    Moussa Samake is from Dialakoroba, in Mali. Trained as a hygiene specialist, he ensures that the new village wells are being kept properly and also teaches people about good hygiene practices.

    He describes his important job:

    "I go around the wells to check that they are clean and that the buckets are hung up properly. If a well is not clean then we will call the committee members to come and clean it (each well has a committee of two women and one man)."

    "In the afternoon I go to visit families. I have pictures explaining hygiene and sanitation – how to wash hands and how to use and clean latrines. I use pictures as they have more impact. I show them pictures of good and bad hygiene and explain why children need to wash their hands before they eat and why food should be stored in covered containers. I tell people they should cover latrines otherwise flies will come and spread dirt around and make them sick. Most people accept the practices but others are reticent until they know what it is about. But it is not only one session – I go every day! I am very patient and explain things a lot of times."

    "Before this project it was like any other village here but now everyone uses latrines and it is clean. Before we had open wells and just after the rainy season we had outbreaks of cholera."

    "I like my job very much. I am getting a salary and I am from this village—there is nothing better than helping your own people."