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  • Gregoria's Story

    The Kerani Water Project in Boliva, with the help of Water for People and Blue Planet Run Foundation, created a central water piping system and installed water taps for households, schools, the main square, the health center, and the cemetery.

    Gregoria Choque, one of the villagers, explains how having a water tap outside her home changed her life. She and her husband Cecilio are in the photo.

    "Before the tapstand next to my house, every day I walked about 20 – 30 minutes to a private well and then back again to get water. We had to get up at 4am to get water because later than that there would be no more water left in the well. We would bring two or three 20 litre buckets each day from the well. It was always me and my daughter who went for water but now because it is so close we all go.

    We use the water from the tapstand to drink, cook, wash clothes and personal bathing. The water is cleaner and healthier. When we used well water we had to filter it through a cloth but now with the tap stand it is not necessary. We no longer have diarrhea or stomach pains."