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  • Rwanda, Water, and Me

    When I visited Rwanda, I became aware of the plight of women who have to walk miles each day to fetch water. I was aware of water and sanitation issues in developing countries on an intellectual level. But I wasn't emotionally touched by these issues until I saw first hand what that meant. 

    This is a typical house in the Rwandan countryside. It doesn't have running water. The woman of the house has to walk long distances every day to get water. She typically carries the water balanced on her head. 

    After returning from Rwanda, I vowed to do something. I decided to start this blog and dedicate myself to writing about water and related issues for one year. 

    Awareness simply won't fix the problem. It takes money. I've researched many organization and decided to promote two. Please consider making a donation either to the Blue Planet Run Foundation or Water For People.