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  • A Day at Sea: Heading for Greenland

    The Northwest Passage Day 12

    “Keep your face in the sun and you’ll never see the shadows.” Helen Keller

    Today we head for Greenland. It's a day to kick back and relax. I signed up for a beading workshop given by Susie, one of our Inuit staff and a carving workshop, given by another Inuit staff, Derek.

    The only other carving I've done is using soapstone from Ennis, Montana, which is quite soft, soft enough to carve with a knife. The soapstone Derek supplied was extremely hard, requiring a file and a good deal of arm muscle. I didn't get far.

    I did much better beading. Susie has many talents, beading is just one of them. She is also a great teacher. She showed us how to bead a daisy pattern. I was much more successful at this. The beads were very tiny.