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  • What's it like to be a 13 year old in Ethiopia?

    Thirteen year old Elmas Kassa lives in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

    "I collect water four times a day in a 20 litre clay jar. Its hard work." Elmas Kassa said. "I have never been to school as I have to help my mother so we can earn enough money. Our house doesn't have a bathroom so I wash once a week and go to the toilet down by the river behind my house. I usually go with my friends as we're supposed to go after dark when people can't see us."

    This story is from the WaterAid website. Visit them to find out more and to donate.

  • A Gimmer of Hope for Ethiopia

    A Glimmer of Hope helps Ethiopians to leave poverty behind. I want to share an impressive story of one of their donors—Bob Gausman. He shows how individuals—like you— can make a big difference in the world. Bob Gausman at the inauguration of the school he funded. (Photo courtesy of A Glimmer of Hope Foundataion.)

    From A Glimmer of Hope . . .

    Nearly 40 years ago, a fresh-out-of-college Bob Gausman decided he wasn't ready for a "real job" so he joined the Peace Corp. He was sent to Ethiopia, a country he had barely heard of and knew even less about. Bob proceeded to spend two years in a rural village forming weavers' into cooperatives which were designed to help them operate more efficiently.

    It was the start of what would become a lifelong passion for the country and its people and a crash course on the enormous challenges they face.

    In 2007, after a 30 year career in real estate appraisal, Bob happened to hear about another former Peace Corp volunteer who had gone back to Ethiopia and built a school. He knew right away that this was something he had to do as well."

    "There are five million eligible Ethiopian children who are going without education," Bob said."And many of those that do have access have to walk four or five miles a day."

    Bob knew that his life's savings would probably be enough to fund the construction of a school in a highly marginalized community so he began searching for a foundation to help him.

    "Fortunately, I stumbled across A Glimmer of Hope online and saw that they had already built hundreds of schools throughout Ethiopia. They were exactly what I was looking for," he said.

    Read the rest of his story . . .

  • What's it like to be a 9 year old in Ethiopia

    Densa Gatenah lives in Gond—a small village in Ethopia. WaterAid recently constructed a water supply for the village.

    Densa says:

    "Both men and women are responsible for collecting water here. Before the new supply was constructed we were using dirty water and so there was diarrhoea in the area. During the epidemic there were sick people in our home, but now they are cured."

    Densa Gatenah helps her father—a blacksmith and farmer—stoke the fire. (Photo courtesy of  WaterAid /Jenny Mathews.)