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  • Holiday Gift Idea: Put Some Meat on This Boy's Arms

    Are you one of those people who enjoys giving gifts of food to family and friends for Christmas? Gourmet cheese packs, fresh fruit, organic wine, specialty chocolates, antelope salami, buffalo steaks, and the like? Before you order that yummy gift, consider the girth of your gift recipient's arm. 

    MUAC looks sort of like a tape measure. But is it a tool used to judge whether a child is suffering from malnutrition. You wrap it around the upper arm. If the child's arm is in the green range, they are normal. Yellow is at risk. Orange means moderate malnutrition. Red means severe malnutrition. The little boy in the photo has severe malnutrition. (Photo courtey of Doctors Without Borders.)

    In addition to that gift of food you plan to send your friend or family, consider also donating to help put meat the the arms of children with malnutrition. You can donate a gift in the name of your friend or relative. I bet that will impress your gift recipient even more than the gourmet food item.

    Doctors Without Borders is one of the front-line nonprofits that works with malnourished children. Visit their site and donate now.

    The MUAC tool used to diagnose malnutrition.