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  • Got Junk? Got Talent? Enter the Eco Arts & Crafts Contest

    "Creativity, the Cornerstone to Improving the Environment"

    This quote from artist Nancy Martini, artist reflects her practice of trash into amazing art. Follow her lead and you might win the Eco Arts & Crafts Contest.

    Individuals, students, a class, an entire school, a family environment group. It doesn't matter any one or any group can enter. Just follow these rules:

    1. You must use discarded material or stuff that people think is discardable material in your art or craft project. The discarded stuff has to make up most of what you create.

    2. You have to get a password from the Green Education Network site so that you can submit a photo or web page URL or youtube URL of your proejct.

    There are one or two more rules, so be sure to visit Green Education Network site.

    Nancy Martini developed some amazing techniques to turn what you see on the table into that wonderful artwork of a woman. She calls this piece "Be Thankful." It's part of her collection "Lessons from the Dinner Table." You can see how she creates art by watching the YouTube video posted on her website.

    Get inspired! Recylce your trash into art! Take a look at the raw material Nancy Martini gathered.

    Be inspired by the art she created.