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  • Bintu's Story

    Bintu Kamara lives in Myla Village, Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is located between Guinea and Liberia, on the western coast of Africa. For only $7,500 US, 700 children can now get clean drinking water. Read how this has changed her life. Then donate to Blue Planet Run Foundation to help fund another project like this. You can make a difference.

    "I am Bintu Kamara and I am an 11 years old girl living at Lower Allentown near the Faith-in-Christ Primary School where I attend class 5."

    "I'm the youngest of 7 children, all living in the same house. I used to fetch water from a stream very far away and a steep slope - an every-morning chore before I go to school. Every child in the neighbourhood had to do so before and after school. We also had to fetch water for the school to provide drinking water."

    "The stream is also used for laundry and other purposes, so it is dirty. The stream is polluted by a lot of garbage. It is not surprising though that so many people in this community so often have problems with their health, especially in the days when there is a cholera outbreak."

    "A few weeks ago the rainwater harvesting tank at our school was completed, and so the situation changed. For laundry and bathing we still go down to the stream, but for drinking I now have pure and clean water from the tank. By that we don’t have to take the dangerous and straining way to the stream upon us so often every day. Everyone in the community pays a little to a committee, which maintains the pump, the tank and the supply of water."

    "I still have to go to the stream for laundry and bathing like all my neighbours. However, our health is much better now and we have more energy and time for school work."

  • Help Solve the Global Water Crisis

    Digging wells, providing people with water filters, and installing pumps mark the success of any water project. But that's actually where success begins. Water quality has to be maintained. Pumps require maintenance. People need to learn to use the pump correctly, without modifying the way it works. (Photo is of Ahmadiyaa School Girls, Sierra Leone. Safer Future Youth Development Project.)

    The Peer Water Exchange (PMX) need volunteers to visit projects to see whether the project is still effective. PMX needs to know whether water systems are still operating and that the local community is using it. Find out how you can visit a project and report back. They need volunteers who are willing to talk with locals in the community and take photos or video. By volunteering, you'll be part of the solution for the global water crisis.

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