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    The Water Wiki needs more articles and editing help. Check it out and contribute. It has articles on water resources, water use, the science and technology of water, decision making, education, and issues. The coverage is pretty thin in areas, which is why your help is needed.

    Here's a sample of an articles on Water Pollution:

    "The New River flows at 200 cfs as it enters California. The water at this point is three colors: dark green, white (foam), and milky brown/green. The septic stench is pungent, particularly during the summer season when temperatures can reach up to 120º. The contaminated soil along the riverbanks is black."

    "A layer of foam frequently forms on the surface of the New River near the International Boundary. This foam is often blown by the wind to areas near the river, including parking lots and a shopping center. In particular, foam often blows into the parking lot of a grocery store located near the International Boundary."

    "Fecal coliforms and fecal streptococci have been consistently detected in the New River at the International Boundary. The presence of fecal coliforms and fecal streptococci in the New River indicates that fecal contamination of the river has occurred."

    Raw sewage and industrial waste flows into the U.S. from Mexico as the New River passes from Mexicali, Baja California to Calexico, California.