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  • Chinese Villagers Protest Dirty Water

    The Yellow River in Huijihe carries effluent from the paper mills and fertilizer factories lined on its banks and along its tributaries in this heavily industrialized region of China. Like others, a Chinese boy fishes with his family on the shores of the river. (Photo copyright Greg Girard/Contact Press Images for Circle of Blue.)

    This article from Circle of Blue explains:  

    China’s Dirty Water Leads to Protests, Some Reform —More than two weeks after demonstrators peacefully protested pollution in China’s Fujian province, 10,000 villagers and some 2,000 riot police in the area violently clashed over the rancid effluent and foul smells from a wastewater treatment plant. The protest this month is the latest confrontation in a wave of social unrest over industrial practices that has drawn attention to some of the world’s dirtiest rivers and lakes and led to public calls for China to dramatically strengthen environmental safeguards.

    Protests over water quality in China are now occurring with such frequency, say China specialists and environmental advocates, that they signal an awakening of public and government conscience about the environment. They have also led to improvements last year in Chinese water quality statutes.

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  • Sign the Earth Day Climate Declaration but Also Take Action

    It's been 40 years since the first Earth Day. It was a fringe movement back then, fueled by citizens concerned with saving the environment. Considering that 40 years have past, it seems not much has been done. It's true that many polluting operations were cleaned up in the USA, but as a whole, is the Earth better off?

    The USA pushed a lot of its manufacturing off shore to countries where pollution is tolerated. Corporations now see "green" as the latest buzz word; it's a way to make more money. Take the bottled water industry, for example. Where was it 40 years ago? Practically non-existent. Now think of all the pollution and water imbalances that it causes.

    Drive around California, and you can get the impression that cars don't pollute. Take a trip to Ecuador or Peru. Watch the thick, black smoke billow out of the tail pipes in these countries. They often get discarded polluter cars from first world countries or, to save money, use inferior fuel.

    The Earth needs a lot more than to have US citizens signing a petition. Although I urge you to sign the petition, I recommend that you do something more for our only planet. Do something that affects not just the USA, but the entire Earth. Don't depend on someone else -- like Congress -- to do it for you.